TADS ceases operations

Three years ago, I stepped into the media space with my own enterprise. I was young, naive and passionate. It was literally a dream I decided to make a reality.

But in my youth, naivety and passion, I made mistakes. I frayed relationships with people, some cut off completely. My social media profile cast me as confident, bordering on arrogant. I found myself dragged into a digital hole, the desire to be instantly gratified. I kept pushing, forwards… more and more.

But with each positive step forward, something didn’t feel right. This wasn’t me. I spent hours working on a project, yet was never satisfied. I tried to engage with people, but felt like I was distancing myself from true human connections.

I want to thank everyone, both those who supported me and those who helped me grow through their critiques. I am forever grateful to the incredible opportunities I was presented with, the amazing people I met and fascinating things I learnt. My most special thanks go to Connor Clements, Simon Johnston, Jason Renau and the entire TADS family, both former and present. We wanted to create a media product that shifted the New Zealand mediascape, and I do believe we did. Thank you for standing with me.

To those I hurt, those who have a negative impression of who I am and what I stand for – I’m sorry. I wanted to bring people together, not create distance. That persona you saw on social media was often not the real me.

It is so common for people to suffer but hide in fear of judgement. I believe this message is important. I want you to know the truth.

On this note, I am announcing the ceasing of all TADS operations from July 31, my 20th birthday. I know the time for change has come.

The beginning of a new era, this is the end.

Aaron x