Who are we?

We are a New Zealand-based digital media network utilising social engagement to create snackable and captivating content for new-age audiences.

Mainstream media tells you what the story is, we create the discussion.

Join our infallible team to dissect headlines, predict trend-lines, and cut through the authoritarian jargon.

Featuring groundbreaking monthly Facebook LIVE shows, the only daily current affairs program on Instagram and multimedia coverage on a new-age digital platform, we set the agenda for what the future needs to know.

Operating since 25th of April 2015, TADS is raw, uncensored and supplemented by an excellent digital presence.

The world can be a nasty place, we help you digest it.

snackable curated quality over quantity content designed to create a conversation through entertaining, informative and bite-sized analysis.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Dahmen

Softish skin, over gesticulated and a pair of unorthodoxly wide dimples. 1/2 of @BYWNewZealand. Loves a good Instagram story and always active on Twitter.

Chief People Officer and Black Yellow White Host Connor Clements

King advisor on the TADS Board and a downright journalistic legend. The other 1/2 of @BYWNewZealand. Also features on Twitter and Instagram.

Chief Marketing Officer and Head Advisor Simon Johnston

On top of everything in regards to sponsorship and finance. A long and chartered history working with some of the top dogs in the New Zealand business world. Contact us for partnership opportunities

Editors and media staff

News Jason Renau

Hardliner with a soft spot for education and tough-talking politics. Refuses to accept the norm.

Social Ethan Griffiths

Taranaki bred guru who loves politics, sport and digital marketing. The man behind everything social media across our award-winning platforms.

Black Yellow White Social Callum McKenzie

A true red devil, with knacks for creating epic football content across the decks. Opinionated but not unreasonable.

Arts and cultural MILAN CAIRD

An aspiring musician and the official arts campaigner. Creative and articulate, his fluid columns are certainly breadwinners.

Political Azaria Howell

Providing insight into the chaos that is New Zealand politics. One of the only people in the world who actually enjoys Parliament TV. Also loves dogs, of course.

Visual Seku Skandan

Can be found be hiding in a closet, binging on Netflix and guzzling on hot chocolate while hopelessly waiting for the final Game of Thrones. Owner of the original #HelloSeku and #ShotBySeku hashtags.

TADSify Jimmy Banks

Bubbly, energetic and wholesomely private. Sends suggestions for TADSify through Snapchat and Facebook Messenger because email is too old school.

Ben Sokimi: Topical not Typical

presenter ben Sokimi

Commentator and provider of opinions. 183cm of coffee lover (pretty tall, huh).  Loves politics, news, Chuck Taylors and was once New Zealand’s only official Paul Henry Junior.

behind the scenes TMH Management


presenter Kii Small

Hailing from the far north and a former Youth MP, always something to share – a big personality. Doesn’t hold back when it comes to political discussion and having a say.

production Lewis Brewer and Thomas Baird