Who are we?

Aaron Dahmen

TADS Chief Executive Officer, Host and Producer

TADS Founder and CEO. Softish skin, over gesticulated and a pair of unorthodoxly wide dimples. 1/2 of @BYWNewZealand. Columnist for Spalk. Follow on Facebook and Twitter

Connor Clements

TADS Chief People Officer, Head of Sports and Black Yellow White Presenter

Second-in-charge at TADS — advisor and associate on the TADS Board. King of communications as Chief People Officer and Presenter for The Tekkers Squad.

Simon Johnston

TADS Chief Marketing Officer and Head Advisor

On top of everything in regards to sponsorship and finance. A long and chartered history working with some of the top dogs in the New Zealand business world. Contact us for partnership opportunities

Jason Renau

Snacks Presenter, Head of Current Affairs and Politics

Hardliner with a soft spot for Education and tough talking politics. Refuses to accept the norm.

Faga Tuigamala

Social Media Producer and Columnist

The gal behind TADS social media — with a fierce political streak, also puts together the Weekly Snack Column to keep you up to date and in the know.

Josh Robinson aka J Rob

Black Yellow White Presenter, Sports Correspondent and On Air Journalist

A spirited football fanatic who loves everything but Arsenal. The go-to man for bold statements and controversial comments.

Chris Holden

Political Editor and Reporter

TADS Reporter on Snacks and calling the news across social media through his exclusive web series.

Gordon Gore

TADS Guest Columnist. Making a name for himself as the TADS Tech genius. Always willing to teach those who just don’t understand.

Milan Caird

An aspiring musician and the official TADS Arts Correspondent. Creative and articulate, his Weekly Music Wrap is a breadwinner.

Alexander Goldsmith

TADS Guest Columnist. Going places on various media platforms. Excited to write, live and learn.

Pat Armistead

With a bulging portfolio of radio and television appearances, this is the person you want for the ultimate pick me up. Officially — a TADS Snacks Correspondent and Columnist.


I am the ultimate insider. I know everything. I see things before you do. I am the ultimate satirical whistleblower. Why? Because you don’t know any better.

Jimmy Banks

Bubbly, energetic and wholesomely private. Sends suggestions for TADSify through Snapchat and Facebook Messenger because email is too old school. Listen on Spotify now