Who are we?

TADS is a New Zealand-based digital media network utilising social engagement to create snackable and captivating content for new-age audiences.

Staying fresh

Production of the first and only daily current affairs show on Instagram, only dedicated Bundesliga segment in New Zealand, a monthly FB Live program crossposted in podcast format designed to create a conversation between viewer and host, and an integrated digital platform with embedded video and audio content.

Our logo

We are inspired by the notion that media and audience serve each other in equal capacities. The TADS lettering stands for our founding name The Aaron Dahmen Show, with a speech bubble indicating the integrated nature of new-age media consumption. We each play a role in determining what content is created, a direct outcome of our consumption habits. We understand this media journey as a conversation and believe the opportunity for you to have your say is more important than ever.

Meet The Team

Chief Executive Officer Aaron Dahmen is a multimedia entrepreneur. Our network was born after Aaron saw a gap in the new media market, quickly rising to prominence with his young and social media savvy fanbase.

Chief People Officer Connor Clements works closest with the CEO to provide crucial advice, especially regarding engagement and advisory roles within the organisation.

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Chief Marketing Officer Simon Johnston has a chartered history initiating and finalising agreements with business corporates, including crucial brokering in the first-ever All Blacks sponsorship deal with Adidas.

Show lineup

LIVE: TADS Monthly interactive event breaking down current affairs, sport and politics with News Editor Jason Renau and Black Yellow White Host Connor Clements.

TADS Daily New Zealand’s first and only daily current affairs show on the gram. Monday to Friday in 60 seconds.  Hosted by Aaron Dahmen @thisistads. *COMING SOON*

LOST IN… Traditional vlog-style format, bringing together elements of adventure, comedy and iconic “shot on an iPhone’ footage to immerse the viewer in a new experience. Released on an as per basis: explore.

AD Originals Personal thoughts and lessons learnt through involvement in the media marketplace. Transcribed into localised articles.

Black Yellow White Multimedia coverage of football in New Zealand and around the world, including New Zealand’s only dedicated Bundesliga segment. Brought to you fortnightly by Aaron Dahmen and Connor Clements.

BITESIZED Alternative commentary behind the issues and stories of our new-media world.

Social media presence

We structure social media a little differently. After all, it’s our bread and butter.

Instead of having an explicit presence on every platform, TADS gives power to hosts, contributors and team members as a means of viral distribution. We realise that each budding media personality who works with us has a social media following of their own. It is our focus to help grow these followings and leveraging the respective audiences with our own.

TADS Daily is an Instagram-only show, with a new episode released every weekday. We aim to become part of the visual social media feed and thus, the consumption habits of our largest target demographic.

LIVE: TADS first appears on Facebook LIVE each month, before being crossposted as a podcast on Whooshkaa. Both are then embedded on our digital platform for multimedia use.

BITESIZED, AD Originals and LOST IN… are programs produced exclusively for TADS on Facebook. Episodes are shot throughout the year and embedded on the digital platform following their respective releases.

Black Yellow White has the capacity to stand alone as a multimedia production. Featuring partnerships with a variety of media outlets, a team of three lead football coverage in New Zealand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whooshkaa with all content further added to the BYW digital platform.

We also feature content on Twitter and LinkedIn, including business networks.


Our first platform upon foundation in 2015 was Spreaker, where we created regular radio shows and feature programs. As the mediascape changed, we followed. Because of the limitations in a cross posting and multimedia narrative, our executive team decided to transfer all primary content to Whooshkaa at the end of 2016.

The Statistics 

In our 2017/18 bi-annual report, we reached over 1.2 million people consuming content worldwide. Our day-to-day interaction rate varies however, and statistics are difficult to gauge as we work on a ‘personality’ social media basis.

While we are still in a growth phase, it would be a privilege to grow in partnership and bring unmetered benefits to both parties. The impact of media profiling, distribution and consumption cannot be underestimated. No matter who you are, or what brand you represent, we cannot wait to work with you in bringing the best of both worlds to the table.

The following are audiences numbers from TADS and statistics for profiles pertaining to our CEO Aaron Dahmen.


Whooshkaa and Spreaker (archive)

Aaron Dahmen on Twitter



As a family of growing media personalities, it is our utmost priority to maintain a strong core relationship with all partners and sponsors. You matter to us, and crucially, so does our audience.

We are small, lean and efficient. We do not have the capacities to financially endeavour forward and reach our greatest heights, yet. While we continue to develop and engage, it is a key partner/partners who will be given the incredible opportunity to grow alongside our groundbreaking new media organisation.

Our statistics are synonymous with a brand that is well-known, recognisable and becoming an established social media outlet. Numbers continue to rise, and with you on board, they will only increase further.

Importantly, your investment would not be in the brand as it currently stands, but in the potential that is to come. We have only tested the waters and through an ongoing partnership with a significant sponsor, we are ready to truly change the game.

It is the opportunity cost, and an investment in the future of social engagement and current affairs content.

Welcome to the future, we look forward to having you join us on the journey.