Aaron Dahmen

Aaron Dahmen is a multimedia entrepreneur and the CEO of TADS, a New Zealand-based digital media network utilising social engagement to create snackable and captivating content for new-age audiences.

Aaron founded the network in 2015 after seeing a gap in the new media market, quickly rising to prominence with his young and social media savvy fanbase.

The 19-year-old has appeared on Jono and Ben and TVNZ 1 Breakfast, transferring an ability to entertain, engage and inspire across thousands of viewers nationwide. In 2016, Aaron interviewed YouTube sensations Casper Lee and Joe Sugg, who have a combined total of over 15 million subscribers.

Aaron is one of the youngest multimedia entrepreneurs in New Zealand and was recognised with the CBA Media Award and Scholarship during 2017. Media outlets across the country headlined his efforts: Aaron set to make waves in media world and Aaron Dahmen’s hard work pays off.

He became politically recognised when elected as a Member of Youth Parliament in 2016, bringing his mantra of snackable media and politics further into the public eye. Aaron spoke on behalf of Auckland and the Tamaki electorate, encouraging the increased accessibility of web pages and apps as New Zealand law.

Aaron is the youngest premier-tier Spalk broadcaster, providing global commentary at the FIBA U19 World Cup to a total multimedia audience of 2.1 million. He regularly contributes as a columnist to Tearaway Magazine and is one of four TV Presenters on digital web series Under the Radar.

At the tender age of 18, Aaron was the youngest employee of New Zealand Football with his former appointment as Futsal National League Media Officer. He currently works for Auckland-based football club Ellerslie AFC as Youth Technical Analyst and Media Liaison, notably featuring on Sky Sports for his quirky social media and podcast coverage.

Aaron is the face of LIVE: TADS, a monthly interactive social media event across Facebook LIVE and audio formats, highlighting key issues in the world of current affairs and sport. He is also co-host of Black Yellow White, a groundbreaking football podcast providing local and international coverage of the beautiful game.

During the 2018 FIFA Intercontinental Playoff between New Zealand and Peru, Aaron made history by becoming the first media outlet to Facebook LIVE pitch-side at a FIFA event in New Zealand.

Aaron recently launched a new online series called LOST IN…, which follows a traditional vlog-style format, bringing together elements of adventure, comedy and iconic “shot on an iPhone’ footage to immerse the viewer in a new experience.

He is currently in his second year studying Broadcast Journalism at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, reporting for METRONEWS.

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my Story

dreams are what make us unique. they are what underpin our society, and make us who we are.

When I was fifteen years old, one dream caught in the trees. It became an obsession. A magnitude of social entrepreneurship.

But what followed was absolutely unprecedented.

The Aaron Dahmen Show, known as TADS, centralises on a current affairs revolution. As pioneers of snackable multimedia, we represent society in a form which has never been seen before. An emphasis of quality over quantity – a world first.

Having been involved in the media exponentially throughout my life, including features in various popular television commercials and New Zealand blockbuster film ‘The Dark Horse’, this is my world. In 2017, I was privileged enough to win Top Recipient at the CBA Media Award and Scholarship.

But from broadcasting for TVNZ 1 Breakfast, to conducting interviews with idol John Campbell and being invited as a media personality on Jono and Ben – one could never have predicted the rise in popularity of our revolutionary media network.

TADS hit a recent global audience reach of over 1.2 million, with our team of award winning journalists, broadcasters and columnists further inspiring the media world.

I have been privileged enough to interact closely with industry legends such as Simon Dallow and Duncan Garner, while working synonymously with Mike McRoberts, Michelle Pickles and many significant figureheads in the New Zealand mediascape.

When former Paul Henry reporter Aziz Al-Saafin sent a special edition mug, signed both by him and Paul, it was a gesture which reinforced that we were doing something right.

And the growing brand continues to skyrocket rapidly.

On a simultaneous level, the TADS Board works tremendously hard in maintaining what we stand for, and how we can make snackable happen.

This is the future –
and we are incredibly excited to bring you it.

Much love and I look forward to meeting you all on the journey,