Five things not to do with your new phone

These days with the amount of customisation available, tinkering around with our new phones is half the fun. Although it is fun, it can also be dangerous. Here are some little mistakes we always make, to avoid the next time you buy.

Don’t install a task killer

Task killers may claim to keep your device running fast. But in reality, your phone in 2016 is going to be smart enough to manage RAM and Processes by itself. Task Killers actually take up a lot of memory themselves. Give “Clean Master” and co, a miss.

Don’t use battery savers

Battery savers are the same. They don’t actually do anything. Placebo here, placebo there when it comes to such apps. Have a look at our battery saving article for more information by finding the Gordon Gore tag in the search.

Beware when you use another charger not default to your phone

Using a charger inferior to your device isn’t a good option. The wire, the wall adapter and the method of charging can all be harmful. Stick to high end products if you are using a charger that did not come in the box, or otherwise avoid it whatsoever.

Don’t root it

For you geeks out there, rooting can be fun, but remember it voids warranty. Wait till you know for sure that your device is the right one before you decide to make it your own.

Don’t mess around with it’s insides at all

Phone manufacturers make them hard to get into on purpose. Again, this voids warranty and it can he harmful. Just imagine how bad it would be if removing one screw from your phone breaks your thousand dollar Galaxy for good.