Christchurch burns

The Weekly Snack brings you a summary of the top stories in New Zealand and international news


Since last Wednesday, a monstrous fire spread over Port Hills, Christchurch. More than 390 firefighters have tackled the fire this week as emergency services fixed power lines and created firebreaks. As of today, the evacuees have been allowed back home.An investigation by the Herald Focus has exposed Auckland’s growing problem with dirty water. 1 million cubic meters of raw sewage is pouring into the Harbor each year, raising concerns, as this could leak into the pipes of new homes which are being built there.


Hundreds of resident from South San Jose, California, have been rescued after the area was flooded. Heavy rains were produced as a result of the recent series of storms initiated by ‘atmospheric rivers.’ *

Also this week, tragic events unfolded in Melbourne, when a plane that had taken off from Essendon Airport plunged into a shopping center. Four American tourists and the Australian pilot were killed.

*Atmospheric Rivers —