The Google retaliation everyone is talking about

After Apple’s iPhone 7 launch, Google bounces back in competition.

A brand new line of smartphones, as well as an entire cupboard of new products have announced along with software and features coming to android all over. Here is all you need to know about Google’s 2016 announcement.

Pixel & Pixel XL

The rumours got most of Google’s new smartphone line right. They come with a new name, “Pixel”, ditching the ever-loved and now forever missed Nexus name. There are two new devices, labelled Pixel and Pixel XL. Manufactured for Google by HTC. Both have top of the line specifications making them instant competition for Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and co. The Pixel is smaller, with a 5 inch screen whist the XL sports a bulky 5.5 inches. Both phones feature the latest connectivity as per, and boast 4GB RAM, the latest SnapDragon 821 and high performing cameras. Stiff competition for Apple, especially seeing that the Android’s feature a Quad-HD screen, much heftier than the retina display. Of course these are Android phones, however, so until proper testing has been done we will not know which phone outweighs the iPhone, or if the iPhone this year takes out the competition. Although there is one department the Pixel XL takes out the iPhone in, and that is the battery. It features an enormous 3450 mAh battery. Much larger than the iPhone’s 1960 and 7+’s 2900 mAh.

Daydream View — headset

Google shows that they are most definitely pursuing virtual reality, with an all new headset which is a much needed upgrade on the old Google Cardboard headset. It is crafted to be more comfortable than other headsets, which are currently quite bulky and awkward. It has a slot on it also for a remote control, which can be taken out and stored back inside easily. It is compatible currently with only select phones that support “Daydream”. This is obviously the latest Nexus and now Pixel phones, and some running the latest Android — Nougat. More support and compatibility is no doubt on its way. The headset also comes in different colours, being available in grey, red and white.

Chromecast Ultra

Google’s Chromecast keeps building in popularity. Currently smart TV’s are on an even playing field with “dumb TV’s”. But what better way to make your dumb tv smart than to use a Chromecast? Much cheaper than Apple TV, Chromecasts are available at retail for under $60 NZ. The new Chromecast Ultra supports HDR, Dolby Vision and 4K media. It is set to release with all the features for $69 USD, in November. New Zealand price is yet unknown.

Google Wi-Fi & Google Home

Google Wi-Fi is as the name suggests, Google’s new product which is a Wifi router. The $129 USD router actually allows you to place many around the house, creating a network which provides insanely strong Wifi signal all over. A feature much needed in modern houses. Google Home is not a router, but follows the same vein as Google Wifi and Chromecast, turning your dumb house into a smart house. It is a hub, which lets you complete tasks, talk to it and organise yourself without having to do much. It can play your music when you ask it to, has speakers built in and has a whole load of other features which could either turn out completely gimmicky or awesome depending on who you are.