Quick and easy = How to drain your battery. Fast.

You never know why you might need to do it.

Now find out how.

Enable/Toggle on all power controls

Enable Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth (have connections on if you can e.g. a laptop or smartwatch connected), GPS/Location, NFC, and turn your phone brightness all the way up. If your keys vibrate when you touch them, enable this also. This is the more subtle technique, but it will accelerate the effects of the ones below…

Stream video or music through the web

Stream music on soundcloud or spotify etc. Watch YouTube videos with the highest resolution available enabled. High internet use is always a high consumer.

Listen to the radio

The radio won’t use as much battery as streaming online, but if you find yourself with no Wifi or data to use it will be your next best option.

Screen on time

Using your screen or even leaving it on will force the battery down. No matter what, the screen will always use the most battery as it is the main component of the phone. Making the timeout or screensaver activation time can keep the screen on longer, so you can leave it to sit on which will drain the battery along with whatever else you are doing.

Facebook and Games

Facebook has got to be the biggest culprit these days. It slows down phones, takes up too much storage, and in this case it helps drain the battery. Browsing facebook’s video section and watching them on a high brightness will kill your battery very fast. Playing games that require internet use will also help. Such as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach.