How to save a life (your phone battery that is)

There are a few simple, yet no hassle fixes you can ensure to make your smartphone or tablet — no matter what operating system or “OS” you are running — last longer from a full charge. You may not have realised many of these things have an affect on your battery’s performance, so here are five of the best ways you can save your device’s battery, without having to be a tech wiz.

Disable adaptive screen brightness

Using adaptive brightness can use up a lot of battery as your phone is constantly having to decide whether to get dimmer or brighter. — We do not realise it, but it has to do this even when it is set in a certain ambience. It is forever thinking, therefore using more power. Most iPhones and Androids especially, will do this at default, but it is best to disable this feature.

Darker themes/wallpapers & screen brightness 

Making your phone dark will use up less power. The best types of screens to do this are “AMOLED” screens. These are typically found on brands like Samsung flagships. Using more blacks for your phone’s themes and wallpapers across all devices will have a positive effect on battery life. The extra mile to go to, is dimming down your screen. If your phone is pushing the pixels at a darker level (especially with those blacks) it will save battery. Using your phone at a dim setting, you will see results straight away.

Don’t waste time with battery saving apps

Most of these apps that claim to “make your battery last 5 days” or “save your device’s battery from overheating” are all fonies. Half of them make the consumption on your phone higher, leading to the battery being eaten away at MORE. With that said, it is best to dump apps you do not use much too. On iPhone, only keep apps that you use every day, or at least a few times a week. On Android, disable as much bloatware as you can, and do the same with the apps. — Less processes = less battery consumption. This can also make your phone cooler, and use up less RAM.

Disable everything you aren’t currently using

If you don’t use Google Smart Lock on your android phone, disable it. If you are on any smartphone and you aren’t currently in need of GPS signal, turn navigation off. If you don’t need your internet data connected when you are out, switch that off too. Don’t let me get started on Bluetooth! All these tools on our phone are useful, but we do not need them on, chewing away at the battery, ALL the time! Let your phone rest a little; take a look at your toggles, and tailor them to each situation you are in.

Manage your downloads

On both Android and IOS, apps and other information can download/update in the background whenever. Turn yours off this, and onto manual update. If you arrive home and your phone connects to the WiFi, and all of a sudden you get a load of notifications coming in, and apps updating, you are going to lose a lot of battery. Change this, and allow yourself to hand pick when apps get updated. That way you might want to only do this when your phone is on charge, or even choose not to update some apps for long periods of time.