Jason Renau: Labour Party stands strong amidst sexual assault allegations

TADS Host Jason Renau says the way Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is dealing with Labour Party sexual assault allegations shows her character and strong leadership qualities.

Allegations emerged that a 20-year-old man allegedly sexually assaulted four people, aged 16 to 18 at a Young Labour camp in Waihi last month. Police are investigating. Further reports of alleged sexual assault have since been revealed in Christchurch by a student news website.

Ardern apologised “deeply” on Wednesday to victims of the sexual assault, their parents and any other youth involved.

Renau told TADS it was an opportunity for Labour to make a statement about their values as an independent government.

“Jacinda Ardern has responded to these allegations in the best way possible.”

“She is supporting the victims and doing everything in her power, with the support of the Labour Party, to ensure this never happens again.”

Renau said the real issue has nothing to do with the government itself.

“This is not something that happened because it was a Labour Youth Camp.”

“It was simply a bunch of Kiwi youth getting together, and doing what they do every weekend.”

“New Zealand has an issue and it’s time to face the facts.”

Renau argued the negative press only came from the issue being in the public arena, and that investigations will look to specifically seek out those responsible.

“Labour is guilty for what happened, now they are making things right.”