Jason Renau: Trump will not be reelected in 2020

TADS Host Jason Renau says Donald Trump will not be reelected when the time comes in 2020.

Trump celebrated 365 days in the White House last week, after a year embroiled in turmoil and protest following his election as American President over Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

However, the Trump supporters who assumed his election would inaugurate an era of economic nationalism and  rewriting of the rules of the international order have been disappointed so far.

Speaking on TADS, Renau said Trump had done nothing to warrant another term and is a “ticking time bomb.”

“Slowly but surely, the Republicans will be voted out.”

When asked if there have been any indications that the Trump revolution might work, Renau said nothing good will ever come out of the former reality star being President.

“It will be a passive term, and he won’t be able to achieve anything domestically.”

“On the international stage, the only thing he will continue to do is pose threats and spark fear around the world.”

Renau said those who aide Trump are the only ones holding him back from returning to his inflammatory past.

“If they fall, there is nothing stopping him from going off script again.”

“And we all know what that means.”