Lorde’s Second Coming is here

Yes, that’s right, Lorde is back! Green Light is the new hit single from the young kiwi, with almost 13 million listens on Spotify since it was released last Friday, and I’m just gonna be honest, I haven’t stopped listening to it.

3 years after the release of Pure Heroine, Lorde, New Zealand’s worldwide icon, has gifted us this amazing song. The piano in the start is chilling, and this just makes the track amazing, contrasting with the chorus. You listen to it, and want to jump up and dance, something very different to the debut EP. A change that was very much expected, with the artist saying on Facebook in late 2016 “Writing Pure Heroine was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record — well, this one is about what comes next. …The party is about to start.”

But of course, this song comes with its critiques. Firstly, of the media campaign surrounding the release. A short video of Lorde in the back of a taxi, with the date 3/3/17 at the end, was shown at primetime TV a few days before the release, and the young artist sent Aucklanders on a mission to find locations where a section of the song was played as a media stunt. Personally, I think after 3 years of artistic silence, this just built the hype for what is a sure hit, but Sue Allen thinks differently. She said, “ if you’re given the chance to do the marketing for one of the most hotly-anticipated music releases of the year, then surely you have a blank slate, the time and the dollars to be a bit more creative than what seems to have been a rather cookie-cutter approach to music marketing.” making countless comments about how it was really just the same old marketing repeated. But who are we to judge? It worked so well that Auckland dropped everything to get a glimpse of what was actually happening around the music of the infamous teenager.

Secondly, criticism came from die-hard fans, saying that Lorde’s friendship with pop sensation Taylor Swift ruined her music, judging Green Light as an ugly mashup between Tay-Tay and her original indie roots. Reminder; Taylor used to be America’s sweetheart, playing country pop music on an acoustic guitar, much different to her 2014 hit, Shake it Off. Maybe Lorde is going through a similar change, experimenting with new styles. She did say this album was going to be different.

The sophomore album Melodrama has now been give a release date of 16 June 2017, but it’s possibly the most highly anticipated event in NZ right now, besides a win in the cricket/a closer loss than recent losses. Personally, I cannot wait for it, and it will definitely be playing loud in my house when finally put out to air. After surprise dropping her new banger Liability, the opportunities appear endless.

Have a listen to Green Light, and maybe some of her other songs, just to remember after 3 years.