Milan Caird: Tash Sultana and Australia’s answer to Indie

Many people now know about looping in music through Ed Sheeran and his use of the technology, but I think I have found somebody who takes that to a new level and puts her very unique and original style on top of it.

Tash Sultana creates masterpieces using her RC-30 Loop Station, a guitar, drum machines, her voice, and any of the many other instruments she can play.

She takes us on a journey through her music where we feel the raw emotion she is trying to portray, and we get wrapped up in the layers she produces to her music.

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Tash became a street musician after refusing to attend university. On the streets of downtown Melbourne, she perfected her craft; a psychedelic, grooving one. Incorporating many styles of music into her own, she is genre-less and can cater for all.

And people saw this, as she created a small following, including a record company, who signed her and took her off the streets.

She now plays to sold out crowds every night. Her story is one which could really be described as ‘music saved the star’.

And her music reflects this.

Watching her perform, you can tell that she puts everything into it. She is full of energy on stage, jumping around, keeping the beat with every step and creating a lively show.

Not only this but it is hard to imagine such a big sound coming from only one woman, theres no band in sight. Her voice is iconic and raw, to the point where the rawness is almost calming.

Tash is an inspiration, not only because of her story, but to musicians everywhere.

Her style and show teaches young musicians to be creative, and that they don’t need another 4 people to make a hit band.

For this reason, she is definitely a model of mine when I pick up my guitar.