Take a bite of… April 3rd to 9th

From April 3rd to 9th, take a moment and bite into your favourite current affairs sandwich.

New Zealand

This week marked the start of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, Australia. Kiwi athletes have been doing all they can to bring a medal home… and some New Zealanders did just that. We had winners in cycling, swimming, and race-walking – just to name a few.

After countless hours of waiting, debates, and lengthy selection processes, the new Green Party co-leader has been announced as Marama Davidson. Davidson focuses on poverty issues and Māori development and does not hold a ministerial position in the new government. Davidson was a clear winner, gaining over 75% of the vote. Julie Anne Genter, the other co-leadership candidate, said on social media she was happy to work with Davidson on the issues that matter.


News about Trump usually follows after an insincere election promise or controversial tweet. This week, that wasn’t the case. The infamous Trump Tower in New York caught fire, with one death as a result. Trump was not in the tower at the time, but tweeted he was thankful for the hard work the firefighters put in to control the blaze.

Since news surfaced that Cambridge Analytica had been using Facebook users’ data for advertisements, people have been untrusting of the billion dollar website. Millions of people worldwide have deleted their Facebook accounts becuase of the global invasion of privacy. It has been revealed that over 60,000 New Zealanders’ data has been used by Cambridge Analytica for political advertising. Facebook have said they will contact the users who were affected, but it might not be enough to satisfy disgruntled users.

What’s next?

So Marama Davidson has been elected as the new co-leader of the Green Party… but what will her first announcements be? Public education, benefit increases, and increasing māori culture in society are set to be on the table with the new co-leader.

Speaking of politics, former Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman stepped down earlier this year, and candidates will soon be announced on who may replace him. Will the previously National electorate go red? Who will run? Big moment coming.