Take a bite of… February 13th to 18th

From February 13th to 18th, take a moment and bite into your favourite current affairs sandwich.

New Zealand

LGBT+ celebrations have been painting a rainbow of colour, resilience, and pride in the city of Auckland this week with thousands marching in the annual pride parade. Jacinda Ardern made history (again!) by becoming the first New Zealand Prime Minister to ever march in such an event.

The parade also ticked off another milestone from the list with its first float from New Zealand Rugby. Minister for Sports and Recreation Grant Robertson said it was a huge step in changing the hyper-masculine culture of rugby. He told media the reason he stopped playing was the culture, but it’s now “changed a lot.” Christchurch will follow Auckland in its rainbow footsteps when they hold their celebrations in early March.

Baby announcements during 2018 – first it was Jacinda, then broadcaster Toni Street, and now MP Julie Anne Genter. The Green Party MP announced she was pregnant on social media, “in the first week of August we’re expecting our first child. 2018 is going to be an even bigger adventure!” The politician is also running for Green Party co-leader, and this reveal could either help or hinder her chances. Genter wrote she would need to buy an extra small bike seat for her newborn… would that also come with a sippy cup of green tea? Either way, we here at TADS wish her all the best.


Tragedy hit the United States on Wednesday, with 17 people dead in a horrific school shooting, and more injured or in hospital. The attacker was a former student at the Florida school and known to authorities for being violent. It is reported the shooter was not allowed inside the school with a backpack, in fears he would attack other students. The shooting puts an ever-growing spotlight on mass gun violence in the United States, which is a much higher statistic than anywhere else around the world.

Students are outraged that lawmakers seem to refuse action after mass shootings, and have rallied outside a Florida courthouse in attempts to see gun restriction laws tighten. A national school walkout day protesting the absence of gun restrictions in the US is also being planned by student activists and likely to take place soon.

Disaster struck Mexico this week with a magnitude 7.2 earthquake reaching the state of Oaxaca. Luckily, no deaths have been reported from the tremor and no tsunami occurred. However, just after the horrible earthquake, a Mexican military helicopter crashed into the ground after the pilot lost control of the aircraft – killing 14 and injuring many more, including young children. The people of Mexico are mourning the losses of lives and properties from the earthquake and the crash. Mexico is known to have large-scale earthquakes as it is located on three tectonic plates.

What’s next?

Rio 2016 saw Olympians carrying Nations’ flags and dreams on their backs. Some athletes performed extremely well, and some… not so much. Regardless, the athletes have been ramping up their training in hopes to qualify for the Commonwealth Games later this year. Hopefuls have been shedding blood, sweat, and tears in order to achieve their dreams at the pinnacle of their chosen sport. The Commonwealth Games are being held on the Australian Gold Coast, with over 50 countries eligible to compete. It gives athletes a chance to perform on the world stage in front of fans and rivals.

Dancing with the Stars NZ is set to make a comeback, with a former Real Housewife of Auckland named as one of the contestants, as well as current ACT leader David Seymour. More contestants will be announced soon, and have previously included public figures such as TV personalities, singers, and celebrities. Who do you want to see on the show?