Take a bite of… March 19th to 26th

From March 19th to 26th, take a moment and bite into your favourite current affairs sandwich.

New Zealand

Two very important people landed in New Zealand this week, Barack Obama and Ed Sheeran. Obama’s visit consisted of golf tournaments, dinners with influential New Zealanders, and meetings with politicians and youth groups, paving the way for future success. His speeches were inspiring, which is no surprise coming from a former President. However, it did cost $400,000 to have Mr. Obama speak at an event in New Zealand. According to some, the costs weren’t worth it.

Ed Sheeran is also travelling around New Zealand to hold concerts in Auckland and Dunedin. The weather was terrible during his first concert in Auckland, but clearly some fans still enjoyed themselves, adorned with Ed Sheeran shirts and an excessive amount of umbrellas to combat the rain.

This week, Middleton Grange school have been in hot water after hosting a ‘dress as a refugee’ themed mufti day. The school said it was to educate the students on the hardships refugees had to endure, but clearly some families had concerns about the school’s decision. The mufti day has been described as well intentioned by some, since it was a fundraiser for World Vision. The principal has defended the mufti day by claiming it had lots of support from students and parents. Still, some people think they made the wrong decision.


You may usually get junk mail, but this week you shouldn’t throw it all away = it could be an invite to the royal wedding. Letters have been sent out inviting guests to the wedding of Prince Harry and soon-to-be wife Meghan Markle. In addition, speculation has risen that their honeymoon will be in New Zealand. This has not been confirmed by the couple, but if the royals are reading this; New Zealand has some beautiful landscapes and picturesque scenery, fit for a king. Or a Prince, in this instance.

The 25th of March marked one month since the tragic school shooting in Florida where 17 people were killed. A protest advocating for gun control was set up to remember the victims of gun violence in the United States. The protest was organized by students at Parkland High School, where the most recent shooting occurred. The protests were held globally, with large crowds turning up at New Zealand events, in solidarity with protesters in the United States. The ‘March for our Lives’ movement proved that young people can make a change in the world and should stand up for what they believe in.

What’s next?

It has recently been revealed that the Australian cricket team tampered with cricket balls during a recent match against South Africa. A Newshub poll shows 95% of people believe that Steve Smith, Australian cricket captain, should be sacked due to this intentional mishap. So far, Smith has been banned from one test, but will this incident go any further? Was this just a one time occurrence or had it happened more often?

In other sports news, the Commonwealth Games are coming up in just over a week. New Zealand athletes have been shedding blood, sweat, and tears in order to do their best at these games. Will they make it to the podium, or better yet, become a Commonwealth champion? This competition can be a stepping stone to the Olympics, the most prestigious global sporting event. We here at TADS wish them all the best.