The Goldie Column: Goals, Laws and Dargaville

It seems to be a good universal law in life when taking up a new challenge or project is to have a good plan. Creating realistic goals for yourself to help you complete different stages of a project can make it seem less stressful and overwhelming.

After leaving my first journalism lecture it would be fair to say I was a little bit overwhelmed by the whole course, especially when we were shown what the final product was going to be.

Over the last few weeks though I have slowly developed more of an understanding of the role of the journalist. Because of this I now consume the news in a different way, I am more critical of journalists in how they portray a story.

Tomorrow though I will be taking a big step in my plan of completing my news article.

Tomorrow I’m going to Dargaville. Up until this point I have done some research into Dargaville and Northland as a region. There is a general feeling in the media that Northland has a lot of social-economic problems and yet does not have the resources to deal with these issues.

Since I’m actually doing my article on the town of Dargaville, I did think it was somewhat important to actually visit the town and draw my own observations and conclusions of the town.

The plan for this visit is that I’m hoping to take some pictures of Dargaville but also get a feeling of the town, hopefully I will be able to speak to some locals to get their thoughts.

There are two directions I can go with the story. I can either talk about how Dargaville is not as bad as what everyone seems and that it can be considered as a cheaper alternative to the expensive life of Auckland. Or I could do a story on why Dargaville and Northland are facing challenges and stigmas in it’s society, culture and it’s way of life.

There’s only so much I can do while being in Auckland, I can talk to people about Dargaville, I can read about Dargaville, but it is important for me to actually go the physical environment and draw my own conclusions on the area.

Is it really as bad as everyone says?

We will soon find out.