The lemon and lime of New Zealand comedy

We need to talk about Urzila.

Cheeky, straight up.

There’s just something that we can’t quite pinpoint.

You walk into the theatre with monotoned excitement – and by the end of it, she has you eating out of her hand.

Typically brazen, Urzila Carlson cottoned on to a vibrant Christchurch audience at the Isaac Theatre Royal within seconds – juggling the serious and comedic with innate talent from the get go.

Isolating absurdities of modern life, Carlson mixes feisty with dry and a hint of bitters – lemon and lime, if you like.

South African by birth, but New Zealander by design, the star known for her regular appearances on hit show 7 Days has something which warms and synonymously excites.

It’s comedy with absolutely zero attempt – nada – to polish any rough edges.

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