“Unexpected but exciting” – Jacinda Ardern is pregnant

It’s no joke that 2017 was a busy year for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

From starting out as the winner of a Mt Albert by-election to officially becoming Prime Minister, she quickly gained the support of her country.

2018 is now set to be a very important year for the leader.

It marks the end of the government’s 100 day plan, and now the start of a new family.

Prime Minister Ardern announced her pregnancy on social media, saying “I’ll be a prime minister and a mum.”

Ardern is the first New Zealand Prime Minister to be pregnant while in office.

The baby is expected in June, and the PM will take six weeks of parental leave while Winston Peters takes over as acting Prime Minister.

After hearing the news, many people have come out in support of Jacinda Ardern.

Former PM Helen Clark said “every woman should have the choice of combining family and career.”

James Shaw, Green Party co-leader, said it was ” wonderful news,” expressing his happiness and support for the expecting mother.

“That a woman can be the Prime Minister of New Zealand and choose to have a family while in office says a lot about the kind of country we are, and that we can be.”

Ardern’s partner, Clarke Gayford, will be the primary carer of the baby as the “first man of fishing” and “a stay at home dad.”

During the election campaign, Ardern assured critics that if she were to become pregnant as Prime Minister, she would still be capable. She also pointed out the amount of children Bill English had and how he was still able to lead the country.

While the 100 day plan is on her mind, the Prime Minister will also need to be thinking of baby names and preparing to be a mother.

What a whirlwind.