When National go low, Labour goes high

TADS Host Jason Renau has defended Jacinda Ardern, arguing the current Labour leader is capable of holding her own should she become the next Prime Minister.

Coalition talks are underway with Winston Peters and New Zealand First after neither National nor Labour gained a majority in the election on September 23rd.

Critics believe Ardern and English are in a tight battle to get the vote of Kingmaker Peters, and decide the next government.

Ardern remained upbeat following the election result, hosting a press conference at her home the following day.

Speaking on TADS, Renau said it was important for Labour to remain positive in a campaign they are “winning on personality and character.”

“The image of the National Party is crashing and burning, without much regard for who comes down with them.”

“I think National have thrown others under the bus, and are now paying for it – big time.”

When asked about tax policy and the future of the Labour Party, Renau said the party is only matching what National have offered in the past.

“Labour are only bringing what National offer on tax, but simply doing more with it – absolutely nothing new.”

“The decision is not even close. There’s barely enough National Party support to give Winston Peters a viable option in coalition.”

Renau said he has no doubt Labour will become the next government in an agreement alongside the Greens and New Zealand First.

“I just know it – Jacinda Ardern is our next Prime Minister.”