“You make a big deal out of everything” – Jason rips into election coverage

TADS Host Jason Renau has attacked media coverage of the 2017 election, claiming major outlets make a “big deal out of everything.”

Newshub political editor Patrick Gower was previously criticised for his dramatisation over poll results prior to the election on September 23rd.

Critics believe media have played a significant role in the election outcome, with a hung parliament leaving New Zealand First leader Winston Peters in the negotiator driving seat.

Peters agreed with Renau, calling the media coverage “speculative drivel” last month.

Speaking on TADS, Renau said major news outlets are continually ‘racking up’ their coverage for clicks and views.

“Sometimes we just need to let the process take its course”

“It simply doesn’t matter if Peters is the Kingmaker or the Queenmaker, why don’t we just let him do his job?”

“People are blowing things out of proportion.”

On the election itself, Renau said he never thought National would make the cut – but admits, it was close.

“The scare-mongering of Steven Joyce and Bill English almost got it for them, it almost did the trick.”

“ACT is a joke, and the Maori Party were always going down… so I don’t know where the votes came from anyway?”

“At the end of the day, the National Party will never get the majority in a 2017 ready for change.”